Matthew Stanford
Attention Hall Automotive Directors,

My name is Matthew and I would like to thank you for visiting my site. I have recently taken a vacation to see family out in Virginia Beach, from Fort Collins, CO. I instantly fell in love with your city and the people in it. While out in Virginia Beach I had the opportunity to meet a few people who are part of your company. I was very impressed with not only what they had to say about your company but the content of their character.

I have been told that there may be opportunity for a person with my skills and character to be part of your company. My family and I would like to make a move to be with family in your city, and I would appreciate your consideration for employment. From my research and conversation with your co-workers, I believe that not only can your company enrich my life, but I believe I can bring that same pleasure to your company.

For ease of access in cross country communication, I have set up this temporary website for you to view my resume. At the top right corner there is a LOGIN button. I have set up a username and password which should be provided to you by email or contact with David Cramer. All of my information will be on the page after you login. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Please email if you have not recieved a login!